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Hello, (Strange But True Paranormal Researchers) - My name is Brenda, and our other Lead Investigators are Shaena and Tim.  We are a group of 6 Paranormal Investigators.   After participating with other groups we decided to start our own Paranormal Group.  We have gained a lot of experience in the past so we would like to offer our services to you.  We do investigations in your home, office, school, or wherever you need us.  We first look for natural causes then for a possible paranormal nature.  When finished with our investigation, we spend hours reviewing our evidence.  Then we present it to you for your review in the forms of a written report & also any photo or recorded evidence on a CD or USB thumb drive.  THERE IS NEVER A CHARGE!  Please feel free to contact us to discuss any situations that you may be having.  People are afraid of things that go bump in the night when they don't understand what is happening to them.  They are afraid of being ridiculed for an over active imagination but please believe, you can talk to us.  We will not laugh or ridicule your beliefs or fears.  You can contact us at our e-mail address and we'll return your call.                                                   [email protected]   

We have not developed this website because we are looking into a new one.  You can contact us through here and we will get your message.  Please come to our Facebook page. "S.B.T. Paranormal" and like us so you can enjoy the different information and conversations we have.  Hope to see you there.    

Thank you!

Shaena, Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Tech Support

Brenda, Co-Founder, Lead Investigator


Tim, Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Minister

SBT   Paranormal  Researchers   

Pennsylvania & New Jersey


There is a Ghost in every house, and if you can make peace with him, He will stay quiet.              

         – Traditional Vietnamese Proverb